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If you can make me laugh, imagine what else you have the capability of doing [mysterious wink face emoji]. A cozy wine bar was the single most frequent response I got (roughly 11% mentioned a date including wine), and there’s a reason for that: they’re fool-proof.In the words of millennial memes and sorority sisters everywhere, bitches love wine. And they actually used the term “Pound Town.” Turns out, it's a more popular destination than that quaint little bar down the street from your apartment.You’d think those awkward first date questions would be reserved for the actual first date, and that the conversation would be a little more fluid than just shooting out questions in the dark. Between asking what my astrological sign was to what size bra I wear, these guys got straight down to business and made things awkward enough for me to skip out on the rest of the conversation.A scruffy jawline and piercing eyes can only get you so far -- okay, pretty far actually -- but 20% of guys who messaged back coupled that with jokes, almost all of which made me laugh.We've seen dating websites for clowns, speed dating on a plane and dating karaoke, but the crappiest (literally) addition to the list has to be the concept of toilet dating.

While both parties have yet to confirm or deny the relationship rumors, the pair -- cleverly dubbed "Dra Lo" by the Internet -- haven't been shy about fueling them by sharing their moments together on social media.

Tinder is great for two things: 1) finding people to hook up with, and 2) finding people to not hook up with, because they live in Queens, and you are shortsighted/hate amazing pizza.

Also: learning fascinating things about the masses of humanity desperately thumbing their way through it.

If you remain unconvinced, it's still worth going for the tips and tricks for locating free public loos in London (something of a Unicorn horn these days).

Matt Matt Janes, founder, says: "The tour starts at The Jubiloo (reputedly the first pay-per-use loo in London), then goes on to The Cellar Door (a cabaret bar set in a toilet).

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These men put real effort into where we would go and what we would do while we were there.

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