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Before departing to the conference venue on 18th September participants are invited to join a tour to the Moscow Kolomenskoye Museum.

Savva in 15th centure, and it was also a fortress and a seasonal residence of Russian tzar and his wife.

The narrow streets are full of workshops of busy silver-smiths.

The whole village represents a lively museum where visitors can feel and experience the past in every corner of the village.

(蓝印花布) and Blue Calico, it’s still practiced traditionally today in a handful of small workshops.

Using hand-cut paper screens, soybean paste thickened with lime, and natural indigo dye, artisans print contemporary versions of ancient patterns on locally-grown cottons and linens.

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The dried paste creates a hard, protective barrier through which the indigo dye cannot pass. Upon oxidation, as the fabric comes out of the indigo bath and is exposed to the air, the indigo-saturated fabric gains a vibrant blue, and is set to dry in the sun.

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