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46, XX/46, XY is possible if there is direct observation of one or more of the following: At puberty, a mix of male and female characteristics may emerge.

Dear R., I do not think that your questions are ridiculous.And while the dog has both sex organs for now, the adoption process usually involves spaying or neutering a pet beforehand.In Cody’s case both may happen, but Rinaldi said that staff is checking with specialists at Michigan State to seek further advice.One opening only under the tail Fascinating to read especially after he was sedated to have his teeth done and what they found with him I had NO idea that Hermaphrodite's could exist in the horse world at all!A Detroit dog shelter will soon be offering an fairly unusual pet for adoption: a hermaphrodite dog, which the shelter’s director hopes might provide therapy for transgender residents.“In my experience I’ve never seen it before,” said Kristina Rinaldi, the executive director of the shelter, Detroit Dog Rescue.

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