Jay sean dating thara prashad

That Girl is Murder, shes a one eighty seven Her looks are her weapon That Boy is Murder, he's a one eighty seven No other man can step to him M-U-R-DER You are.

Girl you murder Boy you murder Baby don't u know that your M-U-R-DER You are.

Girl you murder Boy you murder But I don't know why I put up with u Cause you're murder baby You're murder baby Murder murder that's what you are.

Thara Prashad) New York to London, We're International baby Thara...

We are all familiar with the story of Jay leaving his degree in medicine to pursue a career in music.

The R’n’B sensation is perhaps one of the biggest British Asian exports of our generation, having conquered America with smash hit singles like, ‘Down’ featuring Lil Wayne, and ‘2012 (It Ain’t The End)’ featuring Nicki Minaj.

New York to London, We're International baby Thara... Step One, Erase all the girls on my phone Two, Give up everything that I own Three, Don't even see my boys no more No, no... noooooo Four, Got me doin' dishes with my apron on Five, Sending mixtapes with my favourite songs Six, Somebody tell me what's goin on...

They believe in yoga’s ability to help you find your calm within the storm and want to help people take what they learn on their mats out into the real world.

the date of the wedding might have been the same as the Rivera/Big Sean wedding ...

Arnold says he found out about the wedding six weeks ago and while he was initially surprised, he said, "We didn’t question him.

Jas Sangha grew up in Nottingham where her family had a business which grew into a large food cash and carry with a turnover £100 million.

She is a keen fund raiser for charity and has helped raise thousands for for Mencap but also to aid girls schools in India and cancer charities in the UK.

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