Michael c hall and jennifer carpenter dating queer ladies speed dating

She said that the experience had brought them closer together as a couple, and for a while they seemed a happy and healthy couple.

As late as November 2010 they were seen together looking like a happy couple, but only a month later they announced that they had filed for divorce and had been separated for some time.

Nothing." Hall, for his part, said it was "gratifying" to be able to continue his professional relationship with his ex.

"I would say the fact that Jennifer and I worked through whatever was going on with us personally the way we did and maintained telling the story was never in question," he explained.

But their relationship was and is certainly more unique than that of most similar couples.

They began dating in 2007 and very quietly eloped on New Year’s Eve 2008, appearing at the Golden Globes in January 2009 for the first time as a married couple. Hall announced that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and was undergoing treatment.

But many were rooting for her and Marc Anthony, a fellow singer and longtime friend with whom she had twins.

Sadly, the pair separated after 7 years of marriage, but things are as good as ever between them professionally.

Miller is Angelina Jolie’s first husband (and first ex-husband). When Jonny guest-starred on Dexter during season 5, he and Jennifer became good friends and joggling partners.

, before landing the Showtime hit, about a blood-splatter expert who moonlights as a vindictive serial killer.

Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother’s bloody proclivity.

"I don't want to play," she demurred, laughing.

"No, seriously." Then, when the host asked Hall if he'd kiss, marry, or kill Carpenter's character Deb, she interrupted with, "You understand why this is loaded, don't you?

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After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of 2008 and were divorced two years later, after his cancer went into remission.

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