Peerguardian not updating

beats 60 a month for a vpn Judging by your post in another thread you have a good grasp of the trade-offs involved.

even though alot of the blocklists were much much more encompassing in the past and for w/e reasons are not as much now, I still feel the 9.99 for a year is well deserved.

You can get alot of their lists on other websites although i'm not gonna post where.

I'd only get a vpn if I already had trouble with law enforcement, a criminal organization, my isp, or in an oppressive country, but I'm not and never have so a vpn is not worth the money to anti-P2P list enabled by default) are no longer being updated, so any workarounds to the ban of Peer Block clients is kind of pointless.

this can be turned off via the config file Allow Updates setting, but is not recommended!

They could provide one basic free anti P2P list and rest for the subscribers, instead of charging for everything.

iptables rules look normal and pgl chains is where they supposed to be.

BLM has had one and that was because Blutack was changing over to the new servers.

action=threads_search&f=87&q=pg2 – of course didn't block whirlpool – it's for P2P apps which have nothing to do with browsing whirlpool.

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