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Once I silenced all the outside voices, I could hear God confirming that Kyle was going to be my husband.

So here are 10 signs that I knew I was going to marry Kyle before he even proposed.

Our actions will make her utterly convinced we'd rather take her to a five-star restaurant than make a boat payment.

Isochrons are created by analysing several samples believed to have formed at the same time from a common source.

The Re-Os isochron plots the ratio of radiogenic Rhenium and Osmium were strongly refractory and siderophile during the initial accretion of the Earth which caused both elements to preferentially enter the Earth's core.

This dating method is based on an isochron calculated based on isotopic ratios measured using N-TIMS (Negative – Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry).

Rhenium-Osmium dating is carried out by the isochron dating method.

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