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Everyone in the dating game spends untold time, money, and emotional energy trying to find a nice person to chill with on the couch while you both actually watch Netflix — but somehow, most of us still feel like we're striking out constantly. That means thousands and thousands of study subjects have made all kinds of dating mistakes so that you and I don't have to. Luckily, because of the ubiquity of dating (and researchers' enduring fondness for studying all varieties of mating dances), we have a huge bounty of research to draw on.

The NRF offers an array of historic preservation resources, including an Historic Homeowners' Toolkit, How To Research Your House guides, and expert articles on topics ranging from historic paint colors to debunking myths.

There's a flip side to this strategy: Once you figure out what works, what do you need to do to attract someone with those characteristics? No, what we're saying here has a lot to do with point #1: You want a fun person that likes fun?

Show off how much fun you have, and how much fun other people have with you.

Learn more about this fascinating house and its history.

This is the science of dating houses by analyzing tree rings with specialized equipment.

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Founded in 1968 to preserve and restore colonial era houses, the NRF has continued this tradition while expanding its preservation activities.

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